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What we teach

Students learn how to design graphics, 2D / 3D make games, animate stories and also code augmented and virtual reality applications. applications.

Students in our robotics programs learn pseudo-coding, coding, robotics, and engineering principles. Using fun topics and themes, such as animals, games, etc. Which Improves their creative thinking skills.

Students learn how to use professional-grade tools to build web and mobile applications. If your kid wants to create their own website or design tech solutions for real-world problems, they'll love this program!

This course gives insight into cybersecurity attacks, tips, and tricks that will keep you safe in your online interactions and also students learn how to build their own cybersecurity software.

Pricing Plans

Please email us at: / Call: 0303 965 801 for more information

Stem Center Plan

Our after school and weekend services within Takoradi only. Cost starts from 20 GHS per child / session

School Plan

Class minimum size is 8 students. Maximum must be arranged in advance. Cost Per child / Term will be discussed
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